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Falling down is not failure; not trying to get up is

Our greatest glory is in never falling, but in rising every time we fall –Confucius.

Trying and not succeeding is the story of life. Nobody is free from it. But not rising up to overcome failure is true failure. Quitting for all time is true failure.

You dream it, plan it, act on it. If you did not get the results of your expectations, you say goodbye and leave it for lifetime. Here, you need to re-plan and review and meet those challenges that come your way in life.

Suppose, physical challenges you face look difficult to surmount. But one has to win confidence in oneself to win over. Suppose it is financial troubles. Have patience, a day will come when things get normal. Suppose, you are in a tight relationship than withdraw for few days, be normal, do not be reactive. Let the time pass, things get normal. Say, your boss is upsetting you every day. Sit with him one day and communicate everything. But quitting a job is not the solution.

Quitting for lifetime is true failure. Readers of WIN TO LEAD series never follow it.

Today, cyclist ARMSTRONG is facing challenges from all sides. Tiger Wood was facing absolutely hard time for couple of months because of personal and self- centric values, which he realized later on that he should correct it. Yuvraj struggled against cancer for over a year and now he is firmly back practicing on the ground.

Losing couple of months or years is part of life. Coolly pursuing till the end is the quality of leadership.

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