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Emerging Training Technologies for Human Resource Development

Because of globalization and the knowledge revolution, worker must be trained to work in a competitive economy and to provide quality service. However, this training must be targeted to the job environment through just-in-time training and delivered in an efficient way so that the worker can learn anywhere and at anytime. This requires the use of emerging training technologies such as, mobile technologies and E-learning. The use of mobile technologies such as smart phones, tablet PC, personal digital assistants, web pads, and palmtop computers are increasingly being used by workers in business, industry, and organizations. As a result, there will be more access of training materials from anywhere and at anytime using these mobile devices. The trend in society today is learning and working “on the go” and from anywhere rather than having to be at a specific location to learn and work. Workers today are mobile so they have to be able to access training and information wherever they are and whenever they need the training and information. In the future, more workers will become mobile since there is a trend towards ubiquitous computing where computing devices will be invisible to the users because of wireless connectivity of mobile devices.

As workers in organizations become mobile, the ability to take just-in-time training will give individuals a competitive advantage and make them more productive on the job and in their daily lives. This session will discuss the use of mobile training (M-training) and E-learning in human resources development. Mobile training is the use of mobile computing devices to deliver electronic training materials with built-in learning strategies for delivery to workers anywhere and at anytime. E-learning is the delivery of electronic materials on computing technology. Delivering training on mobile technology require that the training materials be developed in the form of learning objects which are stored in repositories for access from anywhere and at anytime.

There are many benefits of the use of mobile training and E-learning in human resource development. In mobile training, workers can access information and learning materials from anywhere and at anytime. Because workers can take their training using mobile technology while working on the job, learning happens in the context in which it is needed. Hence, the learning is more authentic and relevant and the worker can apply the information right away. In addition to taking training with mobile technology, workers will be able to access other job-related information using the technology.

This presentation will discuss how mobile technology and E-learning can be used in human resource development to train workers so that they can be productive in the workplace to provide quality and efficient service.

By: Dr. Mohamed Ally, CTDP, Canada

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