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E- Learning Facts in ME Region

Training and Development will face a great challenge in the new era of knowledge and work competencies. Part of the new and effective solution to face this challenge relies in introducing E-Learning in the culture of the organization. E-learning is the coming wave of an effective education methodology in the world. Many organizations in GCC and Middle East had shifted part of its training to E-Learning. Also, some schools and colleges implement E-Learning courses as part of their educational system. We have a bright success stories for E-Learning and we have also a disappointment stories.


A major reason for shifting to E-Learning is the need to have a quick and an effective results from the training. E-learning does not just cost less cost than regular course but it also keeps the staff to be at the office more hours. Moreover, the benefit gained from E-Learning is higher from the benefit gained from regular course.


We have to read our future map of E-Learning in our region or the ME quit well, which will guide us to build programs on how to encourage it or to challenge the elements that might guide it to failure. This map is being affected by many reasons. These reasons are age factor, educational level, yearly income, computer familiarity, English language fluency, and the willingness to read. All of these factor will affect positively or negatively the E-Learning in our region.


Also, we have to look at the work premises that these courses will be taught at. These places will support positively or negatively this new way of learning. Most of the work premises will be at ministries, traditional companies, and an IT focused companies and institutions.


E-Learning is facing a negative reaction from the employees since it was introduced in our region and also in other regions. We can segment the reaction towards E-Learning in two parts. The first part is the staff that enjoyed this new method of knowledge source and took the best out of it and studied many courses. They had found it as a solution to get more knowledge for self improvement at work and life. But on the other hand, we have other part that kept itself away from it. They could not coupe with it due to many reasons. Part of these reasons are language barrier, could not feel comfortable to learn from a PC, or they were less motivated. To solve this dilemma, the upper management should encourage and motivate all staff to join in these courses, we should give a great support for who supervise this program to market these courses to all staff in many ways, we could translate essential courses into our language, and eliminate and offering basic courses (Ms office and others) as public courses. But, we have to bear in mind that we should not force our staff to join these courses through a way to get a promotion, a way to join an external course, or any other incentive. This will lead to the only results that the interest of our staff will be taking E-Learning courses according to quantity rather than quantity issue.


By: Ahmad Al-Failakawi, Principle Training Specialist

      Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research

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