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Dreams Are Magic Sparks

“Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” – As a Man Thinketh


Look slowly around you. All that you see at this moment was one day but someone’s dream – a “seedling of the reality” it was to become. In our lifetime we have benefited greatly from the dreams of so many.


Mandela, Mother Teresa, Einstein, Gandhi, Spielberg, Disney, Gates and the list could go on and on and on — all began with a dream. Who could forget one of the most powerful speeches of all time by Dr. Martin Luther King, “I Have a Dream”. While we haven’t become the color-blind society we should be, go back and read the speech and see how far we’ve come since Dr. King first spoke those “seedlings” into reality.


At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Celine Dion performed a song called The Power of the Dream.

“Deep within each heart,

There lies a magic spark,

That lights the fire of our imagination…

Your mind will take you far

The rest is just pure heart,

You’ll find your fate is all your own creation.”

Sounds a lot like James Allen, doesn’t it?

So maybe you don’t see yourself as a Mandela or Mother Teresa. But if you haven’t already discovered it, deep inside you there is a dream. It was put there by the one who created you, as we are told in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Ralph Marston, who’s Daily Motivator has brightened my day for some time now, writes, “On a regular basis, take time to imagine the very best that life can be. Step aside for a moment from the day-to-day concerns of life. Re-establish contact with your highest goals and most treasured dreams. Remind yourself of the beautiful possibilities that life holds for you. Renew your determination to bring them to fruition.


By Vic Johnson

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