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Dr. Shailesh Thaker – Rotary Professional Excellence Award 2009

Dr.  Shailesh Thaker, world renowned Management Thinker, has recently been honored with Rotary Award For Excellence. This is the most prestigious award in the field of management and social service. This award was presented by Rotarian Of Rotary International District 3050.

People, who have proven their excellence in their respective field and worked industriously to give an extra edge to the society, to such people Rotary International District 3050 honors with Rotary Award for Professional Excellence, the most prestigious award in the field of management excellence and social service.

The honourable recipients of this Professional Excellence Award were world’s Top Management Thinker Dr. Shailesh Thaker, Doshion Ltd. MD Shri Ashit Doshi, Chairman and MD of Rasna Pvt. Ltd. Shri Piruz Khambatta, Chairman of Electrotherm Ltd. Shri Mukesh Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director Bank of

Professonal Excellance Award 2009 - Rotary International District 3050

Maharashtra Shri Allen C A Pereira, and Chairman and Managing Director Central Bank of India Shri S. Sridhar.

Dr Shailesh Thaker is the world’s most famous and renowned Management Guru. Known for his management skills, he radically imparts leadership skills through his mind blowing sessions. His extraordinary management tools have triggered many personals to achieve their goals. He has been actively participated in many NGO programmes and has triggered a social cause for the betterment of the society.

During this ceremony Dr. Thaker has shown his gratitude and has excellently quoted the innovative ways for leaders to become management guru. He even emphasized and unveiled what should be a quality of a management guru. He had mesmerized the audience in the ceremony through his valuable life quotes.

The other recipients also shared their thoughts and focused on their mission to aid the mankind in all the possible way.

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