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Do we throw out all emotions out side an organisation before we get entry in office everyday?

You may have heard that we’re born with more than 32 billion cells, and then we lose nearly 65000 brain cells every day until we die. Even though we have at least active 20 billion cells.
Every day the brain generates 10,000 stem cells that split into two. One becomes a daughter line that continues making stem cells, and the other migrates to wherever it’s needed in the brain and becomes that kind of cell. Very often that destination is where the cell is needed for new learning. Over the next four months, that new cell forms about 10,000 connections with others to create new neural circuitry.
So what are the brain lessons for learning or for working on our own to enhance an emotional intelligence skill? Emotion is major thing in my eyes. I have seen highest level of intelligent person but he have less emotional every day. Do you think that an employee have to put all emotions outside an organization everyday.? Do not you think emotions have big role in transferring vision in to actions. We all need excellent state of mind to achieve in future. How we can go to life without emotions?
Don’t you have to break the habit of multi-tasking.? Do not you think we have to change our attitude of becoming practical? Sometimes, I am confused on word “be practical” .What is that? Hi, can you explain me? I am unable to understand this methodology.
Result is the language of leader. Leader without emotions in day to day life is almost impossible. I cannot imagine leader without emotions.
We need to change our habits of moving in to day to day affair? We need to change in the beliefs level for permanent change in attitude.

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