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Do introverts make better leader.?

Introverts have the right stuff when it comes to long-term leadership success, according to a recent Forbes article.
It’s claimed a recent study found 40 per cent of American executives consider themselves to be introverts with some of the highest profile ‘innies’ being Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
So what do introverts have that make them born leaders?
Apparently it all boils down to these traits:
* A ‘think first and act later’ approach – introverted leaders take the time to stop and reflect before responding.
* Depth over breadth – they are drawn to deep as opposed to superficial conversations.
* Calm and low key – it’s claimed introverted leaders project a calm sense of confidence even in the heat of the moment.
* The write stuff – to document their actions ‘innies’ prefer to use the written word as opposed to talking.
* Quiet time – spending time alone is said to energize introverted leaders, many of whom suffer from people fatigue.

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