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Criticism: An opportunity to develop personality

Many times it happens that in a lifetime the people around us, sometimes or most of the times, criticize us in one way or the other. At different phases of life, on various occasions, you would have passed through varied criticism by people. If people criticize you at vivid circumstances at different time periods in life, it does not make any difference to you. The effect on you must not be so much.

But, it turns out that on a particular day, at specific time, all of a sudden the unbearable words are fired at you all at once……….How would you feel after that?

Suddenly it seems a volcano has burst, an earthquake has taken place, and an avalanche has come down or the worst then these has occurred.

The next moment onwards may be that day onwards or from then on you would not able to sustain and does not like to live the life gracefully or rather like to escape to the third world. A thought takes shape and you think that you have lost everything? Your self-respect, your conscience, love which you have gained through others, your feelings towards others…..

But, if you want to lead a graceful life then what I suggest is to forget all the criticism which had banged on your ears, fragmented your self-respect and your inside and outside were totally shaken up. The tough statements which have been said to you have completely shattered your inner conscience.

Make it a practice and learn to listen to such type of criticism and build the habit of taking notes of such type of criticism. The core thing is not to take such type of criticism to heart in a destructive manner but on the contrary, involve your soul in this criticism and make full use of the criticism. Take it entirely to your soul and try to make some constructive suggestions and apply it in your lifestyle and let it be a part of your ethics.

Avoid making any pop ups on the criticism which was fired upon you. But, rather gain patience and that moment onwards try to lead an influential life such that the people who have criticized you, poked you and pinpointed you in front of many others, have to put their heads down. They will stand out to be wrong as well as they would feel ashamed and guilty after your death. They themselves will be proven wrong due to your persuasive life style. Your set of principles and ethics, which you have build due to their criticism, will make them feel guilty. They try to repent and make for the wrong they have done.

The fundamental thing and the truth behind this is that you need to be grateful and highly obliged to these people and thank them because they have done a good thing by creating a platform for a good cause. At their own cost and efforts they have tried to improve you, enlightened your path for better prospects and opened a vista of opportunities for you to develop and empower yourself by enriching your skills. Never lose these opportunities by criticizing but on the other hand grab these negative feedbacks and utilize them in a productive mode for filling your life with the colors of rainbow and lead a happy life.

By Dr. Shailesh Thaker –

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