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Control your mind or it controls you!

  “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

Winston Churchill
If mind has to be consistent in focusing on the goal set to be achieved it has to be trained first. It is a rigorous task indeed. In most instances it is the mind that drives people creating problems and unhappiness. If the end results have to be salutary it is the mind that needs to be fixed up at the initial stage itself so that the efforts to achieve our goal indeed beguns well.

Once we get control of the mind, there can be no deviation on the path we have selected in pursuit of our main goal. The results as expected are bound to follow. As per the SHIKSHA PATRI (a book of the Swaminarayan faith),”do not sit with a woman in private as she can distract your mind to mundane passions steering you away from spirituality.” Here, the focus is not in keeping you away from the woman (they too need to be equally respected) but to keep you straying away from the path of nobleness that should epitomize your life. Your resolution to succeed is fundamentally important rather than any factor that acts as a stumbling block.

Most people have the power to create and work wonders. But knowing the energy level and positive influence of the mind is what it takes to lead a life of contentment. One must know the power of mind and its abilities rather than be ignorant about it.

My personal observation is that people find themselves too confident and when they face failures or trapped in embarrassing circumstances they lose control over mind leading to consequence never imagined before. In fact, great leaders develop such power insidetheir own self by fixing the mind with a keen sense of self-regulation. You need to demonstrate power of mind and to handle any situation with a deft touch of maturity. Or else history is replete with instances where political and administrative leaders committed suicide at some point in their life having failed to take advantage of mind’s vast potential to resolve problems.

Remember, a sound mind fits well in a sound body for positive energy to flow and recharge others. This is what is needed to create a better planet where humanity could live without embitterment.

Visible intelligence and invisible resources combine to create great accomplishment and you could be the beneficiary. I mean, it is only through you that is possibleto control the mind. It is what nature has intended and the universe waits to executeyour next order.

Mind created by God has immense energy and potentiality to harmonize.Let this mind work to create results, harmony; shape your life, result in major accomplishments and build a long-lasting future. With time and training mind can be regulated to conserve and utilize time so that the focus stays on accomplishments and betterment of mankind. It is for you to decide and act. Agreed, you are a powerful son of God. It does not mean, and can never mean, that God is responsible for your foolish actions. God did what he did by giving you a sane and sound mind that has vast and immense potential. It now depends on you how you use it or waste it pursuing mundane pleasures that are cause of miseries. Turn around and win over or feel ashamed and lose over is what I call“LEADING TO WIN.” With sound mind many have reached places where none had reached before. You too could do the same.




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