Tuesday , 23 October 2018


There is not compromise when it comes to fundamentals.
Can you live complete life without single compromises?
My answer is NO.
Can you draw line of compromises?
My answer is YES.
You most draw line of compromise. At any point of time in life, you will not cross line which is mark by you.
At least, I will not do it. I also strong wish that readers of this book will not do it. I do not see single reason to compromise.
You are always so careful to what you want and what you want now and here. Once you decide that i need it in my life then question of compromise do not arises.
These could be perfume, dress, shoes, watch, car and personal kit. You need it, you feel better and comfortable. You have feeling after using that you are on the top of world. You must use it, no need of compromise.
Would you like to be rich and miserable? Would you prefer to be poor and happy? Could you prefer to die with unused perfume in the cupboard? Could you choose to leave planet without wearing your favourite dress? Could you leave earth without eating your favourite dish, visiting favourite place and meeting favourite friend?
You should live what you have and what you got. No need to compromise. You shall be hundred percentages clear with what you are doing. You cannot have feelings for regret at end of life for living the way you had lived. You do not have single chance to go back in life and live replant new life.
Suppose, today is a last day and you had to live it then what you will do. Why do not you live all other days in same mood and same style? Why you are compromising with your great time. You must follow your senses, friends, passion and habits. No need of any compromise. At a same time, no need of compromise with values, principles and ethics.
The ability to compromise is not a diplomatic politeness toward a partner but rather taking into account and respecting your partner’s legitimate interests.
You could feel that you are doing trading with dignity. You also feel that dignity is not maintained. You also surrender to things which hurt you inside. Your likeness is affected. You also feel that your freedom level is affected.
You do it because of some interest or some taking or some profit. Sometimes, advantage in monetary terms is so higher which push you to compromise with systems. How much modest you could be in compromising with people for monetary advantages, physical advantages, moody living and selfishness profit.

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