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Companies in trouble for losing their top talent : WHY????

Talking about LOST talent but make the same old mistakes, resulting in costly and disruptive departures. Why talent quit the companies? When they join the companies, do you think, they all have feelings inside to quit company, any day. My firm answer is ‘NO’.
In India, in last year, millions of people have changed job . Why? Do you think HR systems at TOP MOST ORGANISATIONS are not so effective? Do you think that companies lost talent because of bosses? Do you think that improper HR system and SOP have forced them to quit companies?
Why few talents joined the new companies with fewer salaries than current package???
1) You didn’t unleash their passion. Thanks to basic human nature, employees find it difficult to walk away from work they feel passionate about.
2) You didn’t engage their creativity. Myatt observes: “Great talent is wired to improve, enhance, and add value. They are built to change and innovate.”Can we help them in developing their current level of skills ?
3) You didn’t give them a voice. If you don’t listen to the ideas and insights of your talented people, someone else will. Only monthly cheque is not sufficient for engaging talent.

4) You didn’t lead them. If you can’t lead your talent properly, they’ll look for leadership outside your organisation.Their efforts and contribution and results are to be noted very seriously in company. They may quit because they may look for more fertile grounds and you have not increased responsibilities on them.
5/ You didn’t walk on talk : If you are fail in walking on talking than talent will not stand with you .Most of the time , people quit for breaching promises which were offered at earlier stages of life.

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