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Character: An Important Asset of Mankind

No one can live with pride under the sky and over the surface without the strong character to protect his life and to achieve final objective of the life.

You can have 100 definitions of character. If you asked 100 people what is character? You may get at least 50 components of character.

I try to focus on the following components to shape out character over the surface.






We live with our core values everyday and throughout the life. Values indicate your beliefs and feelings. We must list out right now five values of our lives. I am greatly influenced by three persons: M.K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Swami Vivekananda because of their values.

These people have developed their personal creed and they follow every day. Can I have personal creed? Can I carry the copy of personal creed everyday in my pocket?

Henri Fredric Amiel says, “The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings.”

We all need inner balance. Inner balance is everything. That creates identity and creditability. We all must have habit to listen our inner voice. We all should follow inner voice, which creates external life in the world.

Conflict and contradiction in inner and external life make sure more miserable and make the life petty. Slowly, life is controlled by situations and conditions. So, we are unable to control the life, space control the life, which is the most saddest part of the onetime given life.

I think self-discipline can be a tool of personal compass, which leads us to the great living, and help us in achieving objective of the life.

Walk on talk is the sum total of all our everyday actions. It’s an interesting paradox of the life. Why people change their words? If we can talk on our own words, what is the fun in living with those words? And, every day I have to change my words? Why? Someday, sometime, we can understand, but every day, I have to change my words? So pathetic. For every changing words situation, I have logic and reason for defending my integrity. One of the saddest part of the life.

We should not be differing in promises and our deeds. Why we should create such differences in our life?

Can we live with walking on talking formula to live with pride? Can we refer diary and calendar?

How I will live in my absence?

I think character will not buried with you. It will live after you. This is true, weather you accept it or not it will not make any difference to the character on the surface.

Can we all stand tall in our own eyes and in the front of other one? We all have that talent; only few have not tapped it. Standing tall shall be an attitude. We should stand tall at every turn of the life, even in all adversity, even in all failures. We cannot discount our character in any condition of life on any day of the life.

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