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Champions become champion from within, not from outside

Are you inner driven? Am I using a gift which I possess within myself? Whether am I making any difference in the world or family or work place or in relationship? Whatever I do, whether am I made to do it? The most important thing is; what drives me?

John Maxwell says, “You will become on the outside what you believe in the inside.”

I have seen two kinds of people in life. One who is externally driven and the other one is internally driven.

Internally driven people have passion, purpose, fire within and core focus for the accomplishment of mission. Everyday when they get out of bed, they have a goal of the day. That goal drives him for the next 24 hours.

Externally driven people are driven by supervision, condition or current affairs. Situation takes charge of them and they move accordingly. Finally, at the end of the day, they find dissatisfaction, unhappiness, regret, complain, ill feelings for work or boss or family or friends or themselves.

My question is ‘WHY’ so?

Why are you not passion driven?

Why do you not have any purpose to drive yourself?

Why are you fireless?

Why are you not using your core competency?

Why are you situational and conditional driven individual?

Why are you considered as mediocre guy?

Why have you till today not tapped your strength up to 100 percent?

Let me resolve the most important decisions which can create major impact in my life. I should create positive change in my life. I am not asking for major initiatives as I believe in small improvements and which is applicable and achievable.

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