Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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CEOs of the world need to change: Nooyi PepsiCo Chairwoman and one of the most influential women of the world Indra Nooyi believes that the corporate sector needs to rethink its role and adapt itself with the changing times.

“Aristotle once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. I think it’s time to examine what we do once more in the spirit of a critical friend. Let’s pause for a moment to consider what we need to examine,” She said while addressing a meeting of CEOs at the Economy Club of Washington.

Given the bitter experiences of the current economic crisis, the world needs a new breed of CEOs, she said. “I think there are at least five ways in which job description will change,” Nooyi said.

The CEO has to think long-term and needs to understand the way public and private sectors are coming together and work constructively within that framework. CEOs need to make the phrase “think global and act local” more than a cliche.

CEOs need keep an open mind so they can adapt to a rapidly changing world and need to bring an abundant dose of emotional intelligence to the job, The whole perspectives in which companies are viewed needs to shift from short to the long-term, and as I would say, to a focus on shapes, not just numbers,” she said, adding a modern company cannot function without private public partnerships.

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