Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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CEO's proudly says: "I DO NOT KNOW"

Do not afraid to learn. Knowledge is weightless treasure you can carry easily with you, up to life time. CEOs who are afraid to say “I DO NOT KNOW” will not grow up to the optimum level. The essence of leadership is to say, “I do not know.”

Leadership is learning, un-learning, re-learning and de-learning.

You have not to go to university to learn. You can learn from dish washer and tea- stall man. You need insight to see and learn.

Learning on the folk of the road is possible if you have attitude to learn. I came across leaders, who are the promoters of the business, unable to silent the mobile phone in the meeting or cannot use black berry. SAD BUT TRUE. My eyes are full of tears when I come across such event and experience.

Knowledge is the greatest power in the 21st century and knowledge workers will be valued across the globe undoubtly. Learn and climb the ladder of leadership with speed. Remember, there is always a room at the top.


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