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Five Steps to Better Employee Management

Hiring employees is a huge responsibility. Before hiring anyone, be sure to carefully analyze your needs in terms of extra assistance.   Once you’ve gotten through the hiring process, there’s still much more you must do now that you’ve become an employer. If you’re like most small business owners, you just don’t have time to do all you’re supposed to ...

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MBWA (Management by walking around)

Management of twenty first century says: MBWA (Management by walking around). India ( in current world it is call India, Pakistan, Afghanistan had demonstrated such practice at least before 1000 years. Kings who were the leaders were changing their dress and moving in the town in the night. They were collecting opinions of society as an ordinary people. Of course, they were unidentifiable because dresses). They ...

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Knowledge Management

“The knowledge economy stands on three pillars. The first: Knowledge has become what we buy, sell, and do. It is the most important factor of production. The second pillar is a mate, a corollary to the first: Knowledge assets – that is, intellectual capital – have become more important to companies than physical or financial assets. The third pillar is ...

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A Performance Management

Performance appraisals are always sticky for everyone. While managers make an effort to be as objective as possible, there are always concerns about specific performance appraisals, and their accuracy. If you are going to evaluate your staff, then it is wise to be aware of factors that may affect your assessments. In this short article we outline a few factors ...

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