Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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Today morning i was thinking about leadership. Nearly 200 business gurus and management leaders have define leadership. I had also observed very minutely leadership in 18 countries. “Change in the leadership style.” is seen and feel by all of us. Leadership was very different in 1970 and in the year 2008, leadership is dramatically different. Even in different sectors, you find ...

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Leaders as Team Builder

Nothing influences behavior more than your behavior at the top. You are the role model and your actions, not the slogans on the wall, will influence how others behave. A collaborative environment that encourages working together for a common purpose, within and among teams, is important to your organization’s success. Here are some strategies that will make this happen: Cultivate ...

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How to be a Real Leader Bottom of Form

If leadership is so important, why are effective business leaders so rare? Kevin Cashman, a Minneapolis-based leadership coach, thinks that he has the answer: “Too many people separate the act of leadership from the leader. They see leadership as something that they do — rather than as an expression of who they are.” Cashman is the founder and CEO of ...

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