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Can You Afford to Invest In a Coach and Mentor?

Allow me to rephrase the question if I may. Can you afford not to invest in a coach and mentor? My guess is that if things were going absolutely wonderfully for you in your professional and personal life, you would probably not be reading this article. Consider the fact that almost all highly successful people have a Coach and Mentor from which to garner guidance and support in so many different ways. Below is a list of just a few of those highly valuable assets that a Coach and Mentor can offer.


It is of immeasurable value to have someone that allows you to learn from their mistakes. We can learn one of two ways; from our own mistakes or from the mistakes of others. Having a Coach and Mentor that has been there and done that and who is willing to share their errors so they do not have to be repeated is worth the investment in a Coach and Mentor in and of itself.


The polar opposite of learning from a Coach and Mentor’s mistakes, of course, is learning from their successes. Shortening up the learning curve and learning from their expertise saves time. And time is money. Save yourself some effort by not having to reinvent the wheel.


A Coach and Mentor serve as a strong accountability partner. Like a good friend that will tell you what you need to hear which is not always what you may want to hear. Ultimately, the goal is to hold ourselves accountable. Taking responsibility for one’s own success is most important to long term achievement of our goals and aspirations. A Coach and Mentor is a strong leader and will let you know what their expectations are of you.


A strong Coach and Mentor assists in setting realistic and achievable goals based on your desires. At the same time, a Coach and Mentor will build on existing strengths, unwrap hidden potential and ask that you stretch to reach your full potential. Stretching and changing can cause some short term pain and your Coach and Mentor will be the first to let you know that. The expression no pain, no gain certainly applies here.


It is a valuable asset to have someone in your corner to share your vision and validate your goals. There is value also in having a Coach and Mentor by your side to offer another way of Looking at things. Another point of view can be valuable to remove one from their entrenched thinking. The best investment anyone can ever make is an investment in oneself. Ultimately, the investment decision is yours alone to make.

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