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Can I create difference on planet before my final exit?

Stephen Hawking, one of the legendary physicists of this century narrated that we are on a minor planet of a very average star located within the outer limits of one of a hundred thousand galaxies.
After reading I felt that do we have any meaning while living on planet?
I know that everything remain same before my existence and everything will remain same after my exit than what should I do before I go for final exit. Again this exit time is also indefinite.
Time between out arrival on planet and time to leave planet …. Duration between these two destinations is call life. In east, spiritually it is consider that there two goals in the life. One is goal for life. Another goal is for soul. There are two separate goals. One should live for these two goals before departure from planet.
One man has no objective, no goals, no identity and no success on the planet when he dies. Other one has goal, objectives, identity and iconic image when he left planet permanently.
One is leaving without any impression and another one is leaving with impression. Shall you advocate yourself for legendary identity? Shall you feel richness of this existence? Do I have a meaning for it? Do this meaning have significant value? Do this existence is able to make some difference?
Can you make out list, right now, which can give answers to create legendary identity after your departure? Specially, in family and organization , where you work.
In my humble opinion, someone who dies and make nearly 5 to 7 people very happy after his exit, I call him very much leader. Leadership is not strict to stars on cap and sleeves.
When we have millions of universe, what is your identity on the planet? Where my so called problem does stands? Where do I stand on planet?
My strong impression is success ad failure is our search and research. Status and pride are our inventions on planet while we are live. Creating iconic image in the society and nation that all are the product of this world. Millions of universe has nothing to do with all these impressions and beliefs.
Duration between two destination birth and death, we call life is assign or gifted to all of us for only living. Absolute livens. Complete living. Nothing more than that… Livens is the essence of leadership.
You are rich or poor, positive or negative, black or white, literate or illiterate does not make any difference to living. Living is gender free, age free, caste free, colour free and creed free. Old man could be found live and young child could be found dead.
Leaders are like live wires… every time they are warm…. Every moment they are found with flow of energy …. You feel warmness and appealing character. You have to left charismatic impressions after your final departure on planet.. Get up right now, start making list of actions, which can make you live and as by product your impression is created on the planet.

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