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For more than a decade SARC Region is without a BEHAVIOURAL ROLE MODEL and thus loses that dynamo to gear up and walk parallel to the western world. Most of the countries of continental South Asia such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan are designated as SARC Region and not a single human is standing out of the crowd as a ‘BEHAVIOURAL ROLE MODEL’.

We have lots of leaders trying to lead us. But, none of them possess all the characteristics of BEHAVIOURAL ROLE MODEL. Hence the crisis of leadership is evident. In the present scenario ‘Leadership’ is a CRISIS. If we keenly investigate, we do not have a ‘behavioural role model’ in any part of SARC Region on this globe.

Global Research Company has recently conducted a survey for one of the most reputed health magazine. They had asked for the best BEHAVIOURAL ROLE MODEL. And, not to be surprised of the result, Sachin Tendulkar has evolved out as ‘The Behavioural Role Model’ for the young generation of the world.

What is the secret?

We are always keen to bring out-of-the-box the secrets. His joyful nature and passion to play are the secrets of his behavioural modelling. Whatever the circumstances may be, he always wears a smile and brings joy in more than thousand million hearts.

Sachin Tendulkar is not only a cricketer but is a model for the youth of the world. Sachin can rightly be called as an institution of Behavioural Role Model. The young generation need to learn a lot from Sachin Tendulkar.

If you look at Sachin Tendulkar, he is a great performer, and possesses the high degree of maturity, professionalism, judgement and leadership. Not only confined to this, he is also ‘modelling’ three important aspects of success.

  1. How to become successful?
  2. How to digest success? And
  3. How to sustain success?

He has travelled the path to success. From the lessons of his life, we can know the key to become successful. Through humbleness, one of his ethics, Sachin has successfully able to digest success. And, through his simple way of living and professionalism he has able to sustain success.

Even though emerged out as a successful personality Sachin has some flaws.

He is a person with major Five Weaknesses.

  1. His communication and presentation skills are very poor.
  2. He is from middle class back ground (I mean he was not born with a golden spoon)
  3. He does not possess any management degree or a post-graduate degree or even a graduate degree.
  4. He is in the field of sports, a profession where you have to be physically fit and very strong. (If you take a glimpse of Sachin Tendulkar, his height is his weakness if compared with the manual of sports. His physique does not satisfy the standards of sports personality).
  5. Every alternate year, he has to face a problem pertaining to his health. We usually find that unfortunately he has to take treatments or under go operations due to some or the other defects in the organs of his body. Hence, he is unable to perform. (I want to specify that he is not able to fulfil the fitness criteria).

In spite of these 5 weaknesses, he has proved himself as powerful performer while contributing the successful sports career of 18 years. In sports, trust me it is a long time.

Even though having these flaws, the little master has proved himself as a star and Behavioural Role Model for the youth of the world.

No body is perfect or free from weaknesses or none of us is complete. In order to succeed, we should focus on our innate strength and optimising strength is a way to lead the life. Weakness is death and strength is life. Man with matured mind and using the strength constructively can help you reach up to this level. Even at this age, the little master is still performing with the same zeal. Career, still soaring high and the sky is not the limit. I do not know when he will retire from his career but his last century on the ground of Chennai has stopped critics and forced them to appreciate his ability and skill. Most of the records are showcased on his name.

Modelling is a need of the country and life. Time has come to model Punctuality, Communication, Human relations, Goal achievement techniques, Personality, Mental maturity and commitment standards. I don’t know when we will follow ‘WALK THE TALK’ modelling methods to track our lives on the success path. But, a single step taken will surely set a beginning.

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