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Be sincere, Be commited, Be passionate.

One professional executive told me in my class ,” i have no worry for tomorrow as everyday i  am moving forward and closer to my life time goal.

Today is a victory, Today is a failure, Today is a  sad day and Today is a glad day.Today is only a one step in your future journey.May be a  sad day but it has no value  because you have more roads to travel to meet your final destination.

President of india  Dr.  APJ Kalam was everyday working on his long term goals and mission of life. In the first phase of a  day he finish activities of short term goals and he focus on his long term goals for 32 years. He invested 20 years for his first mission and 12 years for his second mission. Road traveled by him was of failures….blaming……frestrating……sadness……YES.!!! But it’s never fumble him from his mission statement.

Why we do not take it s a journey….. WORLD have  Nigth and day, Summer and spring, Sun and Moon, White and black , Lova and fear and manny more. So i  have those experiecnces  as  i am a part of the world .Today may be a failure  but i have no regret as i am moving forward towards final goal .Everyday  i move forward towards objective of life. I am  knowing where i should reach at the end of life.

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