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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Mahatma Gandhi: My Personal Legends

One of the participant ask : Dr. Thaker: Who is one of your personal legends? Mahatma Gandhi. I would like to answer you by his personal mission statement: “I shall not fear anyone on Earth. I shall fear only God. I shall not bear.” In the experience of two decade I never come across such a powerful mission statement. Mahatma ...

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Adult Learning: An Overview

Adult learning is frequently spoken of by adult educators as if it were a discretely separate domain, having little connection to learning in childhood or adolescence. This chapter will examine critically this claim by exploring four major research areas (self-directed learning, critical reflection, experiential learning and learning to learn) each of which have been proposed as representing unique and exclusive ...

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Creating New Culture at Work place

The presence of art in the office plays an important role in the success of your business. It can make better/happier employees and help build your corporate identity. Just as you would decorate your home to reflect your identity and inspire you, it is probably more important to do the same in the office. After all, don’t you spend more ...

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Authentic Leadership

In organizations, our success as leaders is measured by the degree to which we’ve mastered the external environment and delivered results in the form of revenues, profits, new product breakthroughs, cost savings, or market share increases. After 20 years of wrestling with this question, I’ve come to this simple yet profound realization. Leadership is not simply something we do. It ...

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HRD Learning Activities

HRD or Human Resource Development can best be described as a comprehensive learning system designed to enhance individual performance for the purpose of improving organizational efficiency. As such, HRD includes three types of learning activities: on the job, off the job, and through the job. On-the-job learning activities are used when individual instruction is appropriate. An example of this would ...

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A Performance Management

Performance appraisals are always sticky for everyone. While managers make an effort to be as objective as possible, there are always concerns about specific performance appraisals, and their accuracy. If you are going to evaluate your staff, then it is wise to be aware of factors that may affect your assessments. In this short article we outline a few factors ...

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