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Attitude is a habit. (Habits are things we do without thinking)

The biggest invention of 21st century is that human being can alter attitude and learning attitude. Even, I consider thinking is a skill and it can be impart.

How attitude could be learn. My simple answer is listen people, watch people and question people of substantial level and standard.

Your unproductive habits and unhealthy habits can drop your worthiness in the circle around you .You slowly lost impact in the society. Are you observing your natural response? Are you watching how most influential people respond?

Even, your thinking to performance have significant important in life.  What is your belief for results and results and results? Do you believe responsible leadership is nothing but great attitude? How you are with hopes, solutions, dreams, possibilities and next moment? How you are taking all situations? Weather it is full of pain or pleasure?

You are a part of what you are and whom you had met also. You finally, become what you are thinking. You can certainly alter your thinking by learning new thinking in same situation and condition. You can improve your response (verbal and nonverbal). You can learn to smile in trouble. You can learn to forgive people for hatred events. You can develop tolerance by ignoring reflections and reactions. You can show silent instead of immediate reaction.

Attitude  determines how you are with situation, condition , people and life. How you take life and more important is that you can learn new response and develop it inside you as habit .Gradually, that become your alter attitude.

Trust me, start altering attitude, you will get response from people around you will be surprising… shocking…. Mind blowing…

Review your belief level, review your natural response, review your habits and review your thinking.

Attitude at affects on your brand value. Your impact on the society, your legacy, your brand value and your ability to lead.

Attitude is most precious and costliest thing. Never select things which are against your attitude. Your attitude to boss, organisation, peers, work, family and hobbies affect your leadership ways.

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