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Aspiration by surroundings…..

“Being aware of what is happening around me and being a part of the whole process has contributed a lot in defining my work. Mediums never create constrains in my work. I feel I should bring in a sense of tranquillity for my viewers. I see films and paintings all as part of a large canvas called life,” said Pravin Mishra, who won the award for the best short films (documentary) in the international film festival.

Consideration about happenings and circumstances around your life is a way of life. Emotional people feel it and get involved in the matter through their works. Such creators give voice to what is happening.

I am living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I have strong routes in the city and emotionally attached with the city. In my state 29,37,000 families are living under poverty line. Total numbers of people affected are nearly 1,50,00,000. Do you know poverty line is Rs. 1,600 (INR) per month? I mean they are not earning even a dollar per day in the family. Imagine the level of quality of life.


You should aspire from your surroundings and try to reach to the community by your work. Your work will truly help them. I am doing the same; Shaping their lives.

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