Thursday , 20 September 2018


When it comes to pro-activeness, I came across four kinds of people:

A) People who do the things rightly without being told.

B) People do the right things when told

C) People do the right things when told more than once

D) People do not do things, no matter what happened.

Anyone, who wants to become successful person, needs to become a person of category “A”.

Why people are waiting for someone else to tell him or her, what is to be done? How it is to be done?

My experience in working with people is that most of the time people have reasons, logics, arguments, suggestions and ‘Because’.

Most of the people are good, active, intentions and positive but somehow, for one or another reason they stop themselves and transfer them to status-go level.

Two people extensively work on the telegraphy technology in the year 1870. They were Graham Bell and Gray. Both have invented telephone jointly. Both the people filed the papers in the patent office on the same day in February; 1876. Bell was the fifth person on the register for the day. Gray sent his attorney one hour later after the Bell, applying for the patent.

Those minutes cost Gray for his fortune. He has to fight out for years in the court for the patent, though the idea came to his mind first.

My humble question is can we reach to our highest potentiality level without any initiative?

Can someone transfer us in category “A”?

Why people do not lead themselves with self awareness level?

I learn in my life that initiative quality always helps us in making things happen. When I was interviewed by the daily newspaper “Business standard”, his news editor asked me a question, “Why you have done a research on the subject called ‘Comparative study between Bhagwad Geeta and Quran’? Has any business school given you such assignments?

I was really shocked and stunned.

I said, “You want me to wait for that call? If I will not do it, who will do it?”

Why we have to wait every time for someone, who can direct us.

Leaders always welcome initiative quality.

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