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Are you an 'in' or 'out' leader

Are you ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ leader?

How much time do I spend time with my team and outside the organization, of course for the business development?

I believe style can be different, “in or out” but leaders have to tap potentiality to achieve insight very effectively. One has to review and check his time zone. Leader has to create effective results in the organization.

We all need coaching and mentoring leadership at present. It is a need of an hour. Team can be built up by coaching leadership.

We must make the difference in the organization by remaining present positively. Staying “IN” and creating effectiveness has a positive impact.

In some organizations, I have found leaders engaged in organisational politics or occupy in the man or event discussion, which is ridiculous. What does it produces? What is the fun in staying “IN” the organization? Some of the leaders are “OUT” but they do not achieve the scope of the wider organization. Finally, at the end of the day, nothing is achieved. ALL LOST!!!

The best leaders create leaders in the organization, they do not create followers. (It happens only in politics)

They also built up team which governs the organization in their absence.

Balancing “IN” and “OUT” is suggested but how to manage goes to leader’s insight.

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