Tuesday , 16 October 2018


Can you recall DR. A.P.J KALAM’s first mission of “Pruthiv” missile to make India independent in the area of self defense? Can you recall seeing the first Apollo moon-landing?

Both are magnificent accomplishments and the achievement is unparallel.

We all need mission in the life. Then only we can find ourselves engaged in totality. When our 100 percent starts coming out, we feel that we are unleashing our potentiality. We first need focus, and then the dream, the vision, the strategy, and the action plan are unfolded.

You cannot predict what will be the fruit of your mission. Achievement of mission is also unexpected in any hour of the day.

In case of our “Pruthiv” missile we came to know about our strength and our competency. In case of moon, we came to know how it looks from the moon. We knew before that how the earth looks from the moon.

Flying space shuttle Rakesh Sharma, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked him, “How India does look from the space and the answer was “Saara jaha se aacha Hindustan hamara….”

We all are learners; we learned that envisioning the big picture of the life, which help us in developing the plan, the team, the strategy and the goals and much more….

Anthony Robbins define mission properly “A sense of purpose that lures you in to your future. It enlightens your principles, your energy, your values and your goals.”

When you start living with your mission you start living with joy, satisfaction, pleasure and fun. Trust me you will forget your most of the daily routines also. Your eyes will be on the mission only.

Michelangelo said, “They do it day after day, and they thoroughly enjoy it, you can too.”


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