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Add value to become Valuable

“What has made you the Vice-President of the MNC?” Dr. Shailesh Thaker had asked this question, when he was conducting Management Training Program in Dubai during the year 2008 for the high potential leaders. In addition, he also asked this question, “What has made you a senior leader?” One of the participants replied, “Every year value addition.” He further added, I got the entry in this organisation because of my CV but I would not have reached this place if I had forgotten the rule of value addition. I take care and make sure that every year some specialisation or degree is added to my CV.” He further added, “To upgrade yourself you have to add value to your CV.” Moreover, he said, “Value addition and luck plays a pivotal role in this.”


Organisation, Products or People who forget the role of up gradation, vanish from the market totally. You must have heard about some of the famous products and brands like Lambert scooter, Premier Padmini Car, Carbon paper, Travelers check, Pager, Panasonic and many more products, which are completely out dated now. Today, they are nowhere in the world. On the contrary, Sony, Nokia, Honda, L.G, etc. are some of the examples of value addition. Even today, you will find these great market leaders are working on new models for 2010 and 2011.


Manager of any organisation can be a Masters in Business School or a Technical expert in the current year but after few years he will be outdated if he forgets the rule of value addition. Hence, once you forget the rule of value addition, you will be outdated.

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