Thursday , 20 September 2018


A little extra effort always gives a person an extra edge. Art Williams in USA asserted, “You can beat 50 per cent people by hard working, 40 per cent by honesty, integrity and standing for something; and remaining 10 per cent is a dogfight in the free enterprise system.” To win dogfight you need to do a little bit extra.

No leader can achieve success by doing what is required. One has to put an extra value to his work to achieve excellence.

Leaders are consistent and continuous performer. Legendary people never quit, once they decide to do it, they make sure that things are done. They have conquered quitting habit of an average people. We have to sit with 10 extra smart people and asked them, what extra quality have made them most successful person? (Even if we have to pay, we should pay to learn)

Dedicating little extra, always cost you extra by time, effort, resources and much more. We need longer view while incurring such cost to our work, business and profession.

I come across a person, who always come up to door (sometimes up to lift-door) drop his guest. He shows a smile and up his hand in the air while saying good-bye, irrespective of the level or standard of the person. He makes sure that the person is very properly seen off. When, I got the same treatment from him, I asked him, “Are you doing it for me?”

He said, “No! It is my way of life.”

Have you ever seen a perfect leader?

My view is: “It is a process and may take thousands of years. To create perfect overnight, it is a stupidity. We can start it by today and years will answer that question. We can certainly reach to a better level of leadership by investing little extra in relationship and efforts.

We can certainly do extra by helping others. We have to stand with people, customers and friends. Leaders are grateful to the people who have helped them from all the way through all the aspects of life. People always love you unconditionally and shower feelings for your happiness. Leaders keep in mind and stand with those relationships by adding that extra attitude.

Max DePree asserted, “We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”

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