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7 Lessons for Life

Here are the 7 life-changing lessons from the story:


Lesson #1:

Don’t look for worshippers; Look for true friends instead. Not all friends are created equal. Some friends are just fans. They admire you. They flatter you. They fear you. They benefit from you. But when you need them, they’re not there. Choose true friends over fans anytime. When you have a problem, they’ll stick there by your side.


Lesson #2:

The best way to look for a true friend is to be one. Are you a true friend? Do you care for people? Do you go out of your way to express your love for them? The best investment you’ll ever make will be in your relationships. There lies your true gold.


Lesson #3:

Bullies are weak. Avoid them or face up to them, but never be afraid of them. Do you have bullies in your life? You’ll always cross paths with bullies. Bullies intimidate people. Bullies want you to fear hem. They manipulate you to follow them. Depending on the situation, you can avoid them or face up to them. But never be afraid of bullies. Because all bullies are fake. With their outward force, they cover up their weakness. But deep within, a bully is a fragile child with lots of fears.


Lesson #4:

When someone doesn’t like to be your friend, just walk off and go on your merry way. Life is too beautiful to be sad at one person’s rejection. People-pleasers want to please everyone. And when one person rejects them, they die within. Because people-pleasers need to be needed. When a person rejects them, they get hurt deeply-and carry this hurt wherever they go and allow this hurt to affect their lives forever. What does a mature person do when they receive rejection? They get hurt like everyone else but they don’t carry the hurt. They shake the dust of their feet and move on. They love themselves. They love life.


Lesson #5:

When someone is angry with you in an unjust way, pity that person. He will be hurting himself. Don’t pity yourself when you suffer unjust anger. Remember that unjust anger destroys the person who is angry, not you. Pity him.


Lesson #6:

Always be good and kind to everyone whether he is a king or a beggar. Every human being you meet in life is God’s child. Whether he sits on a throne or lies on the mud, it makes no difference. That person is your family.


Lesson #7:

Your true size is measured by your courage, wisdom, and love. Are you a big person? Measure your courage and wisdom. By how you love, you shall know whether you have matured in life or not.

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