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40 years and 2089 songs…….isn’t it amazing!!!


In the history of Bollywood of 80 years, one melodious singer Kishore Kumar has contributed unparallel to the industry of Bollywood. He was born on 4th August, 1929. He started his career in 1948. He remained in the film industry from 1948 up to 1987. He had sung 2089 songs mesmerising people not only in India but also around the world.

In the first twenty years, he had song only 354 songs. These twenty years were full of constrain and struggle. He had to fight out. In those days, amount paid to a singer for singing a song was not even in three figures.

Between 1970 up to 1979, he was at his best and he had sung nearly, 1088 songs. Most of them became very much popular and super-duper hit.

During 1980 up to 1987, he had sung, 647 songs. From the total songs sung in Bollywood, nearly 8 percent was performed by him. It is a huge contribution. One man performing for forty years and contributing 2089 songs. It’s not a joke.
Some of the songs sung by him had broken all the past records of Bollywood industry.

Read his emotions in his own words…
“Journey was never full of roses; first twenty years were full of struggle, obstacles and all stumbling blocks. I got the amount not even in four figures. My marriage life and family life were uneven. I had pursued a lot and tried to bring out my talent at fullest in multiple roles. Even my best performances were rejected and criticize by the critics. Sometimes, it was most frustrating but I had made up myself and every day reached to the recording studio for the next performance.”

A strong performer is showing unparallel quality of Consistency, Quality, Creativity and Innovation, and Persistency in the performance.

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