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How do I deal with people who are totally self centric?

How often you have faced this question. Let me clear, people are basically self centric. They are focusing on the word ‘what did I get out of it? To be very frank, they ask: what is in it for me? This is all about expectations. It is fair or unfair, is not a matter of discussion. People expect, that is ...

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You cannot create an impression on what you are going to do:

Are you planning to shut of the world? You can plan and shut of the world by results only. No reasons. No causes. No arguments. No blame. Just results. You could try with good intention to create it but fail to create it has no significant impact and impressions on the map of world. Ability to create and intention to ...

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Making bigger size

Yes . one more Monday. i am making my size bigger than the challenges which i am facing. i am uplifting my confidence , courage, action and efforts level. i know i am alone in the battle of life so i need to be more aggressive in work and action. i am promising my self , right now, to come ...

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