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2-year old girl with an IQ of 156

Amazing. YES!!!

Elise Tan Roberts with an IQ of 156 is just two years and four months. She has become the youngest member of Mensa, the society strictly for geniuses. It puts her above Carol Vorderman, at 154, and just below Einstein, who was believed to have an IQ about 160.

She pressed her fingers and thumbs together to make a shape. “What is that?” She asked with a cheeky grin. Before anyone can answer, she does it for them: “An equilateral triangle.”


Elise took her first step at eight-and-a-half months and by 10 months she was running. At five months, she said her first word. She could say her name at 11 months and count to 10 by 16 months. At 18 months, she could count up to 20, recite nursery poems and knew the phonetic alphabet.


The super confident tot then recites her phonetic alphabet, most perfectly, before counting to 10 in Spanish. You are reading amazing facts for the life by the exemplary leadership of Elise. You can also perform like her. The difference between you and Elise is nothing except one. Elise has tapped her competency and talent but you have not yet tapped your talent.


You can also create a difference. WOW!!!

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