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10 people i hate at my office

People come across different friends at work place. These 10 people are  moving around the work place. Have you ever come acorss such people?

10. Stop Sign
I want to slap him every time he dumps on my great new ideas.

9. FlimFlam
How does he keep tricking me into doing his work? Damn you, Flimflam!

8. Bulldozer
If only I could stick a muffler on his mouth.

7. Smiley Face
Maybe it’s not a phony smile on his face. Maybe it’s just Botox. Whatever it is, I hate it.

6. Liar Liar
I don’t have enough time left in the day to figure out who isn’t lying.

5. Switchblade
The only thing I can count on from this jerk is trash-talking me to the boss.

4. Minute Man
Dude’s grabbed so many minutes of my time he could build a week out of them.

3. Know-It-None
Blogs, Wikipedia, reality TV. This clown couldn’t tell fact from fiction if they were wearing name tags.

2. Spreadsheets
I’d like to cram his rulebook where the sun don’t shine.

1. Sheeple
I hate them because they make brainless meetings, sorting e-mail, and mind-numbing tasks appear so productive that I’m tempted to become one with the herd.

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